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    Recommended for jet addicts [BF4]

    So I've been using this cheat for awhile now and have been manually tweaking the config to the precise settings that works great with the jet, I find it easy to shoot down choppers with burst fire along with jets. my advice to those who are thinking of buying this hack for jets, think of the hack like an aid, specially the perfect jet toggle key it makes a huge difference when it comes to slowing down and shooting choppers or using guided missles on ground targets to then toggling it on when it comes to dogfighting only. The spectator warning is great too id recommend though if you want to stay in the game while flying under being spectated to just toggle the speed control when you need a sharper turn and let go so they dont see the speed stuck at your speed setting.

    Overall amazing hack and will be buying it again because they deserve the money for the hard work they do <3
    I hope at some point when BF2042 comes out they will be able to input the jet aimbot/perfect jet in there too.

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    Thanks for your feedback

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