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Hack Countermeasures Anti-Cheat
  • PunkBuster System Online
  • Screenshot Proofing System Online
Aimbot Aimbot
  • Aim Style - Distance, Closest to Crosshair, Lowest Health
  • Advanced Aimbot Configuration
    • Aim Key - Custom aimbot key
    • Aim FOV - Lock on to enemies within certain part of screen
    • Visibility Checks - Check if enemy is visible
    • Aim Bone - Head, Chest, Knee etc
    • Aim Bone Scan - If desired bone isn't visible, then scan for visible parts of an enemy
    • Aim Vehicle-Part Scan - Scan for visible parts of a vehicle
    • Auto-Wall - Aim through penetratable objects
    • Auto-Weapon Switch - Switch weapons when reloading
    • Aim Distance - Aim up to a max distance
    • Aim Lock - Stay locked on to a particular enemy
  • Jet Aimbot - Aim while flying in a jet
  • Jet Priority - If you are in a jet, and an enemy jet is visible, aim at that first
  • Vehicle Aimbot - Aim with any vehicle
  • Gadget Aimbot - Aim at enemy gadgets
  • TV-Aimbot - Aim while using the TV Missile
  • Prediction - Customizable prediction to make aimbot more accurate
  • Auto-Shoot - Shoot when aimbot is locked on
  • Ignore Vehicle Types - Choose whether to ignore aiming at Tanks/Ground Vehicles/Air Vehicles/Jets
  • Enemy Priority - Give the aimbot priority to players on your enemy list
Wallhack ESP
  • ESP Scale - Adjustment ESP stays the same size, or gets smaller as enemies get further away from you
  • Engine ESP - Makes ESP look sexy smooth
  • Friendly ESP - Mark your team with ESP
  • Name ESP - Identify the enemy by name
  • Box ESP - Put a rectangle box around the enemy
  • Skeleton ESP - Draw the enemy's skeleton
  • Health ESP - Display the enemy's health
  • Distance ESP - Show how far away the enemy is
  • Vehicle ESP - Show enemy vehicles
  • Vehicle-Aim ESP - Display a marker on a vehicle when locked on it
  • Gadget ESP - Show enemy gadgets - Beacon, Soflam etc
  • Supply ESP - Put a box around any ammo boxes
  • Explosive ESP - Display enemy explosives
  • Missile ESP - Display enemy missiles
  • Grenade ESP - Display enemy grenades
  • Weapon ESP - Show what weapon an enemy is carrying
  • Admin ESP - Show which players are admins
  • Mini-map - Show enemies on the mini-map
  • Crosshair - Put a crosshair on the screen - useful for hardcore
  • Auto-Spotting - Spot visible enemies
  • Super-Spotting - Spot all enemies on the map
  • Show FPS - Display an FPS counter
  • Show Ammo - Display your ammo count
  • Show Health - Display your health
  • Show K/D - Show how much ass you're kicking
  • 2D Radar - Display a 2D ESP map
  • Aim Warning - ESP Show a warning when an enemy is aiming at you
  • Vehicle Info - ESP Show info about your vehicle
  • Enemies List - Put people on your enemy list to keep track of them more easily
  • Soldier Snaplines - Draw lines from soldiers to the bottom of your screen
  • Vehicle Snaplines - Draw lines from vehicles to the bottom of your screen
  • Custom Colors - Configure all ESP colors the way you want it
Removal Removal
  • No-Recoil - Disable weapon recoil
  • No-Spread - Disable bullet spread
  • No-Breath - Disable soldier breathing
  • No-Overheat - Disable overheating of emplaced weapons
  • No-Sun - Remove the sun from the sky
  • No-Sky - Remove the sky...from the sky
  • No-Foliage - Remove trees and grass
  • Color-Correction Removal - Remove BF3's color-correction effects (can increase FPS)
  • Anti-Blind - Remove blinding effects from enemy flash-lights
miscellaneous Misc
  • Perfect-Jet - Fly at the correct speed for perfect turning
  • Auto-Eject - Eject as soon as your jet's health reaches a low level
  • Auto-Suicide - Suicide as soon as your health reaches a low level
  • Auto-Flares/ECM/Smoke - Deploy counter-measures as soon as the enemy fires a missile
  • Auto-Blind - Turn on flash light to blind enemies
  • Squad Hack All - Force all teammates into your squad to be able to spawn on them/beacons.
  • Squad Hack Self - Force yourself into any squad regardless if its full or not.
  • Squad Hack Force Spawn - Spawning on Squad mates disabled on server? This will fix that - Great for Team Deathmatch
  • Radio-Spam - Spam your team with radio commands from the commo-rose - can really piss off your team
  • Auto-C4 - Detonate C4 when an enemy is in range of it
  • Auto-Knife - Knife kill an enemy when they come into range of you
  • Auto-Revive - Revive a team mate when you come into range of them
  • Damage Modifier - Fire your weapon with whatever damage you want
  • Spectator Mode - Fly around!
  • Magic Bullet - Kill through walls, and with 1 bullet
  • Custom Weapon Kills - Fire your gun, and the kill will show as a knife, C4, Med Kit, Ammo Box, whatever you want!
  • Always Headshots - Perfect for getting lots of XP with long range sniper headshots
  • Unlimited Weapon Range - Disables the range limit of weapons
  • Auto-Heal - 99% Godmode
  • Instant-Respawn - Don't wait for the respawn timer!
  • Force Unlocks - Unlock all weapon attachments/skins
  • Spoof Ping - Never be kicked for having a bad ping again!
Configuration Config
  • Save/Load profiles
  • Auto-load profiles - In jet/tank/on-foot etc.
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Windows Vista Compatible Windows 7 Compatible Windows 8 Compatible
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