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Hack Countermeasures Anti-Cheat
  • Anti-FF Screenshot Proofing System Online
  • Anti-FairFight Module System Online
Aimbot Aimbot
  • Infantry - Aimbot
    • Aim Key - Set your own key to activate aimbot
    • Aim Bone - Set the part of the body to aim at
    • Aim Smoothing - Human-like aiming (SlowAim)
    • Aim FOV - Set your own aimbot field of view
    • Aim Lock - Keeps the bot locked until target dies
    • Aim Prediction - Accurately predicts where a target will be
Wallhack Visuals
  • Infantry
    • Name - Identify the enemy by name
    • Health - Display the enemy's health
    • Distance - Show how far away the enemy is
    • Box - Put a rectangle box around the enemy
    • Snap-Lines - Draw lines from soldiers to the bottom of your screen
    • Infantry Chams - See Coloured enemies through walls
  • Vehicle
    • Vehicle Name - Display the names of the enemy vehicles
    • Vehicle Box - Put a rectangle box around the enemy vehicles
    • Vehicle Health - Display the health of the enemy vehicles
    • Vehicle Snap-Lines - Draw lines from vehicles to the bottom of your screen
    • Vehicle Chams - See Coloured vehicles through walls
  • Mini-Map & Misc. ESP Tools
    • Mini-Map - Displays enemies on mini-map
    • Visibility - Colors for visible/non-visible enemies
    • Auto-Spotting - Automatically spot enemies
    • Auto-Spotting Delay - Configure the delay between each mass spot
    • Crosshair - Draws a centered crosshair
    • Max ESP Distance - Configure the maximum distance to show enemies at
Removal Removal
  • No Breath
  • No Recoil
miscellaneous Misc
  • Instant Respawn - Respawn instantly upon death (Including during Firestorm matches!)
  • Instant Suicide - Suicide instantly at any time
  • Magic Bullet - Kill people through walls, and with 1 shot
  • Magic Bullet Headshots - Always get a headshot when you kill an Enemy
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Windows Vista Compatible Windows 7 Compatible Windows 8 Compatible
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